Call for entries!

Hi everyone,

I am writing this quick message to get the word out about what it is I am trying to achieve with this blog. My ultimate goal is to create a platform for people who care about film photography and everything involved. Its aim is to be a platform aimed to provide a place for sharing work, providing knowledge of the processes behind the craft and more general thoughts on photography. I just think that there is too much gear based content out there and we should  try to establish something that is more focussed on what counts most, which is the photograph. 

Physical exhibitions and talks are great, but they also have one big disadvantage that is hard to overcome. We don't all live in the same town and rather are spread around the whole world. In a sense what I am trying to do with the blog is to create some sort of "online exhibition" where everybody can join, discuss and discover new work. 

Therefore I need your contribution! If you have created a project or you have an idea to write about something you feel gets neglected or you're particularly interested in, please don't hesitate to submit your idea to: In the case of a project submission, please attach a selection of the most representative images as well as a short description of the project.

Hope you all have a good day,