"Black Gold" Exhibition Opening / Book Release

Last Saturday my new solo-exhibition "Black Gold" opened and the book was released. In this post, I have compiled more information of the book itself and the exhibition as well as actual photographs of the exhibition.


Exhibition Opening


The exhibition is currently up and running until the 21st of April at Wonderland Creative Studios (Mo-Sa 10am-6pm, closed on national holidays). The exhibition displays a total of 24 images from my new book "Black Gold" in various formats. 


Prints, books, and postcards are available directly for purchase at the Gallery, for more information on prints and prices feel free to contact me directly through: info@wasteoffilm.com (worldwide shipping is possible). 



Project Statement "Black Gold"

Dubai - a metropolis that has reached worldwide acclaim for especially one thing: skyscrapers. It appears to be the model of a city of the future, in which on the one hand one cannot escape a constant astonishment, but on the other hand is left with a perplex feeling and an extinguished sense of belonging. Almost nothing evokes the memory of an oriental city in the desert that used to offer an unique allurement through its markets and compatriots. Even though, exactly these authentic and real life places are what globalization makes many of us yearn after. Dubai is a city that has, on the surface, distanced itself from its roots, and is a city in which the remains of the oil-boom during the twentieth century vanish. In between the hundreds of meter high skyscrapers, the foundation of this wealth, the so called black gold, is hard to surmise. In contrast, the district that represents the origin of this metropolis made of glass still vividly embodies the past with its mosques and spice markets.

My fifth book Black Gold aims to establish exactly this awareness for the heritage of Dubai in the viewer’s mind. It is a glance behind a perfectly polished city, into the heart of the fishermen and market criers. An attempt, besides all of the anonymity and fast-paced live we are all faced with, to open the eyes for all that otherwise slides into oblivion.


"Black Gold" Book


The new book "Black Gold" is now available directly through the gallery or also for online purchase through the wasteoffilm shop. You will find more information and photographs from the book on the project page. It features 27 images on 46 pages; all books are signed, the first 25 copies are additionally numbered.

Use code "RELEASE" at checkout to receive free worldwide shipping on all orders. The offer is only valid until the 20th of March.


Postcards from all of my projects are also newly available now here.


"Dubai at night" from the new book "Black Gold"

"Dubai at night" from the new book "Black Gold"