My ultimate purpose in photography is to show the world how it looks through my eyes, while capturing a timeless feel of the world. It is less about how things we are familiar look like, than moreover with what lays beyond the surface. Experiences, memories, and encounters forming our life and consequently who we are.

Working on long-term projects, and focusing on black and white film photography has enabled me to to bring back the physicality of art and revealing the only true way of showing a photograph: through print. 

I am constantly shooting for as well as working on new projects and consequently publications. To date, I have released four monographs, my latest one being "memories from another world" published in June 2017. My fifth publication "Black Gold" will be released on the 17th May 2018. More information on the accompanying exhibition is below. The books will start shipping on the 19th of March.

At the moment I am based in Nuremberg, Germany. If you would like to contact me concerning bookings, product reviews, or any other inquiries feel free to head over to the contact page or simply use the email button down below.

Where does "wasteoffilm" come from? We all know this situation, we didn't load the film properly in our camera, the flash didn't fire or we forgot to remove the lens cap. Ending up with no images at all or with photographs we never anticipated. But isn't this the beauty of film? The unexpected and the room for experimentation. Of course our images are not a waste of film, but important memories we want to preserve in a tangible medium forever. A reminder to the frames we wasted, but also the times we accidentally found an unintended look.