James Moreton - "Give Way 2014 - 2016"

Give Way 2014 - 2016

"I'm not a landscape photographer. What I strive to do is create pictures in reaction to my environment; sometimes that reaction can portray my mood or mindset or represent how was I thinking when I made the picture. Once I read Gerry Badger's quote; 'The path is frequently used as a metaphor for life...' and applied it to photographs I was making of roads and places I was travelling, it made complete sense to me. A picture of a road or path can take on a considerable amount of meaning.


Mood and emotion within photography is a concept I like to think about and discuss with others on a regular basis; some photographers are adamant that a picture can have no impact on a viewer's mood or emotion. I disagree, I believe a picture is a vehicle capable of sparking a memory, changing a person's train of thought or instilling a new emotion - hopefully this series brings viewers a little closer to my outlook at the time of shooting and instills a taste of my adventures looking for this subject matter and this atmosphere."

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For me the difference between a good and a great photograph is the amount left for interpretation. That is exactly what this work is about, setting a certain mood and giving the viewer a direction for the individual interpretation of the work. It is more about conveying certain emotions rather than distinct content. Going beyond what lays on the surface, much deeper into what every single human believes. We all interpret and look at art in different ways, formed by our experiences, memories and emotions. There is a vast amount of things we cannot describe with our own words, but they can be captured through a photograph. This is why this project stands out in my opinion. The imagery conveys a certain mood and leaves room for our own interpretations. There is no set way at which these photographs should be looked at. They ultimately are documents of James' view on the world.

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