Why am I starting this blog?

Why? Because Instagram is not a great way to share longer texts and I can't record new videos in the same manner as I (hopefully) am able to write blog posts. That doesn't mean I won't produce videos anymore, I am still working on that. But I really want to put the work into it and publish quality content. The problem with sharing longer text on Instagram is that posts and descriptions easily get lost and are hard to find in the mist of it all. I just wanted to create a more archivable form of content. Where you can also research and find the things you are looking for.

What will it be about? Primarily photography, secondly film photography. I don't want this to be a gear / review only blog. I would like to create more content on the thought process, share tips, insights, practical advice and general thoughts on photography and life. And! Get talking about photo books that I enjoy. Let's collaboratively create content! If you have anything photography related you want to talk about or share a project you have been working on, make sure to contact me at info@wasteoffilm.com. I'd love to feature some of your work and thoughts here.

Hope you will enjoy the blog entries. And please, if you have any suggestions or topics you want me to write about, comment down below here.
Furthermore, feel free to contact me at info@wasteoffilm.com if you would like to contribute to this blog.