#wasteoffilm: Weekly Favorites (45/2017)

This week @lukas_doet has selected his favorite five images for the weekly #wasteoffilm feature. I would like to thank him at this point for doing this and also for introducing me to these (partly previously to me unknown) photographers. It's always a great experience letting someone else pick the images, and to see which one they go for! Throughout this week I will again select five images to be displayed the following week.

The #wasteoffilm is bi-weekly judged by someone from the community. If you would also like to be the judge for one of these weeks, make sure to write to: info@wasteoffilm.com or simply drop me a DM on Instagram. I am currently on the lookout for one judge for the following week!

How can you enter? All you have to do is to tag your images shot on film with #wasteoffilm and I will pick my favorite images and display these five in the following week!




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