#wasteoffilm: Weekly Favorites (35/2017)

This week's selection got unconsciously themed around light and shadows! Hope you again enjoy this week's feature and also finding out about these amazing photographers.

For September I have prepared something different. I have decided to give this format a twist for this month. Therefore the images will not be picked by me, but by you! If you are interested in judging the weekly feature and selecting your favorite five images, make sure to drop me a DM. I currently have three spots open for three people to do the weekly feature (11/9-17/9, 18/9-24/9, 25/9-01/10). This week's judge is my friend Taylor Pool. So if you're interested to do the judging for one of these weeks, feel free to contact me and I will provide you with more details.

How can you enter? Simply tag your posts with #wasteoffilm (please only images shot on film, otherwise it would distort the idea somehow). That's it! I will pick my five favorite images by then end of the week and feature these in the following week on my website and Instagram. There is a new feature each and every week. 






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