My ultimate purpose in photography is to show the world how it looks through my eyes, while capturing a timeless feel of the world. It is less about how things that we are familiar with look like, than moreover with what lays beyond the surface. Experiences, memories, and encounters that are forming our life and consequently who we are. 

Working on long-term projects and focusing on black and white film photography has enabled me to to bring back the physicality of art, and revealing the only true way of showing a photograph: through print.

For any inquiries, print requests, or general questions please use the contact form or email directly to:

Based in Germany.



black gold, 2018

memories from another world, 2017

fragments of reality, 2015

the beginning of a dream, 2015

nightcall, 2015


Solo exhibitions

black gold, 19. March - 20. April 2018 at Wonderland Creative Studios (Nuremberg / Germany)


Availability of books & other products

All publications as well as other products (stickers, prints, etc.) are available directly through the wasteoffilm online shop.

United Kingdom: Parallax Photographic Coop, London, England 


Recent selected press

Film Shooters Collective: Black Gold | Tim Heubeck, 2018

Emulsive: Featured Project: Black Gold by Tim Heubeck, 2018

Dans ta cuve: Book Review: Memories from another world (French / English), 2018

Film Shooters Collective: memories from another world | Tim Heubeck, 2017

Japan Camera Hunter: Get Featured: Tim Heubeck | Memories from another world, 2017

Emulsive: Featured Project: Memories from another world by Tim Heubeck, 2017

The Art of Photography: Memories from another world (starts at 8:52), 2017

Matt Day: Memories from another world (starts at 16:48), 2017


Companies worked with / for

Ilford Photo, UK
Lomography, Austria
macodirect, Germany
Rollei Film, Germany
Artisan Obscura, USA
Lenstab, USA
Ars-Imago, Switzerland / Italy
LightPix Labs, HK
SilverFast, LaserSoft Imaging, USA / Germany
VueScan Scanner Software, USA
Film Toaster, USA
Harper Leather, UK
Sailor Strap, Poland
Child of Laborer, USA
Lensmate, USA
Gordy's Camera Straps, USA
Deadcameras, Portugal