Christmas Sale / Exclusive Book Bundles

Christmas is already knocking on our doors, at least if you consider international shipping times. Therefore I have decided to already move the Christmas offer to an earlier time of the year, so that you are able to receive the books before the date and enjoy them under the Christmas tree.

First of all, until next Wednesday you will receive free shipping on ALL orders by using the code "CHRISTMAS" at checkout. 

Secondly, for the first time ever, and also limited to the time of the offer, there are book bundles available at a reduced price. Any two books combined will equal an additional 8$ saving compared to the usual retail price. You can select your preferred combination via the drop-down menu.

Of course, the free worldwide shipping code is also valid towards this offer! Use the code "CHRISTMAS" at checkout. The book discount is already calculated in the price displayed. The code is only valid until next Wednesday (8th of November / 12 PM EST). 

You can check out the individual project pages / shop pages for more details on each project.

Check out the book bundles here

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